The Transport industry is the primary sector in which Checkpoint products were originally designed, therefore it seems only fitting that around a third of all commercial vehicles in the UK utilise some form of Checkpoint product. Since then our products have been equipped on vehicles and fleets all around the world, which solidifies how vital Checkpoint products have become.

The Checkpoint product range has continually expanded, aiming to accommodate every possible application that may be required. This expansion includes new sizes to cover light commercial vehicles all the way through to OTR specialist vehicles. Additionally, new types of polymer grades, as well as new products, have been developed and incorporated into the market.

The majority of customers within the transport sector can utilise a selection of safety solutions for countless applications, budgets and requirements.

Should you have any additional questions or a specific query please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to assist you where possible.

  • Checkpoint


    The original and world’s first loose wheel nut indicator.

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  • Dustite LR

    Dustite LR

    A combined wheel nut indicator and dust cap specifically designed for wheels with trims and step rings.

    Full Details
  • Dustite


    A checkpoint original combined wheel nut indicator and dust cap designed for wheels without trims and step rings.

    Full Details
  • Checklink


    A dual-purpose wheel nut indicator and retainer.

    Full Details
  • Checklock SQ

    Checklock SQ

    A stainless steel retainer to help reduce the likelihood of nuts loosening.

    Full Details
  • Safewheel


    A robust one-piece retaining ring and protective cap.

    Full Details
  • Safewheel Twin

    Safewheel Twin

    A robust plastic retainer to protect and retain two adjacent nuts.

    Full Details
  • Checkthread


    A kit of stainless steel testers to check the quality and integrity of wheel studs.

    Full Details
  • RimRite


    A kit of stainless steel aligners to ensure correct fitment of a wheel onto the studs.

    Full Details
  • Rollock


    A single-use wheel nut locking clamp which helps retain adjacent wheel nuts.

    Full Details
  • Squirrel


    A low profile single piece retaining ring.

    Full Details
  • Luglock


    A one-piece retaining ring and protective cap for US spec wheels.

    Full Details
  • Trucklock


    An anti-theft wheel locking nut for commercial vehicles.

    Full Details
  • Disc-Lock


    A vibration-proof wheel nut, specifically designed to prevent wheel nut loosening.

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