Our range of wheel nut indicators provide a quick and easy way to detect loose wheel nuts. Following the invention of the Checkpoint wheel nut indicator, this range has expanded to include the Dustite, Dustite LR, and the Checklink. We’ve designed each product to suit a multitude of HGV and commercial vehicle needs, including loose wheel nut indication and dust cap protection. Our intelligent loose wheel nut indicators and wheel nut caps are available in various colours to suit your brand and safety requirements.

What are Checkpoint® Wheel Nut Indicators?

What are Checkpoint® Wheel Nut Indicators?

Loose wheel nuts are the number one cause of wheels falling off on the road, causing danger for both the driver and other motorists.

The Checkpoint® loose wheel nut indicator is a simple yet effective wheel safety tool that allows vehicle owners to easily assess whether a wheel nut has become loose.

Checkpoint® wheel nut markers are easy to install and maintain. They are simply fixed to the wheel nuts in a recognisable pattern - such as point-to-point - meaning any movement on the lug nuts themselves can be easily noticed by the truck driver or fleet operative during a routine inspection before resulting in wheel detachment.

They also indicate whether a wheel is overheating thanks to a specific melt point, again hopefully signalling a potential safety issue before it becomes a danger.

The Checklink® is an innovative addition to the range, both indicating and retaining against wheel nut movement - effectively stabilising the wheel nut before it becomes unsafe. If wheel nut movement still occurs, the shape will be clearly distorted alerting the inspector to the issue.

Our wheel nut markers are most popular in fluorescent yellow due to their high visibility, but we have a wide range of colours available to fit your requirements.

Road safety bodies frequently recommend the use of lug nut indicators for trucks, buses and other large commercial vehicles as a cost-effective road safety solution. Although most commonly used as a HGV loose wheel nut indicator, this innovative solution has spread to being used across a range of sectors including mining, industrial and even rail tracks.

What are Checkpoint® Wheel Nut Covers?

What are Checkpoint® Wheel Nut Covers?

Checkpoint® Wheel Nut Covers such as the Dustite® and Dustite LR® are a combination of a loose wheel nut indicator and a lug nut and bolt cover. The cover helps to prevent lug nuts & bolts from harmful external elements such as water, dirt, road salts as well as extreme outdoor weather and corrosion.

Mostly used as truck wheel nut covers, but also used for agricultural vehicles, dangerous goods transporters and even as nut caps on machinery in industrial settings.

Why Choose Checkpoint?

Why Choose Checkpoint?

The Checkpoint® original was invented over 30 years ago. The Checkpoint® is regarded as the best quality wheel nut indicator on the market and is a trusted supplier for many of the world’s top haulage companies.

If you’ve ever noticed an eye-catching set of wheel nut markers on a truck, it’s highly likely they were Checkpoints - with a third of all commercial vehicles in the UK alone using a Checkpoint wheel safety product.

Get in touch today to see how we can help improve your wheel safety.

  • Checkpoint


    The original and world’s first loose wheel nut indicator.

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  • Dustite LR

    Dustite LR

    A combined wheel nut indicator and dust cap specifically designed for wheels with trims and step rings.

    Full Details
  • Dustite


    A checkpoint original combined wheel nut indicator and dust cap designed for wheels without trims and step rings.

    Full Details
  • Checklink


    A dual-purpose wheel nut indicator and retainer.

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  • Checkpoint Short Arrow

    Checkpoint Short Arrow

    A wheel nut movement indicator designed for low loaders that also indicates any overheating of the wheel.

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  • Checkpoint Medium Arrow

    Checkpoint Medium Arrow

    A wheel nut movement indicator designed for the North American market that also indicates any overheating of the wheel.

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