Mining Vehicle Wheel Nut Safety

Checkpoint products have extensive use in the mining industry, with the heavy machinery and vehicles in continuous operation in difficult conditions there is a great need for our products which can both indicate any nut loosening or help prevent it.

Our products are vital to the safety and maintenance of OTR vehicles such as wheel loaders, tippers and haulers as well as smaller pickup trucks and service vehicles.

The scope for our products extends beyond vehicles in this industry, frequently being used on hydraulic equipment and moving components that endure a lot of strain and vibration which greatly increases the chances of nuts loosening.

Using Checkpoint products to develop maintenance and safety procedures that integrate easily with the existing Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM) measures already in place can decrease the likelihood of costly vehicle repair and machine downtime.

The mining industry has been one of strong growth for Checkpoint in recent years, with huge exports to countries such as Australia, South Africa and Chile as well as extensive use in the UK. In 2018 we exhibited at Hillhead for the first time.

Please feel free to contact us if you require specific details of the products and systems that we manufacture for this industry.

Mining Sizes

Mining Sizes


CPY46CAT -99446 mm Yellow
CPY36CAT - 966 F36 mm Yellow
CPY36CAT - 79336 mm Yellow
CPY44CAT - 77344 mm Yellow
CPY30CAT - 834B30 mm Yellow
CPY32CAT - 834C32 mm Yellow
CPY33CAT - 824C33 mm Yellow
CPY36CAT - 824G36 mm Yellow
CPY44CAT - 16 H & 16 G44 mm Yellow
CPY38CAT - 78938 mm Yellow
CPY36CAT- 789C36 mm Yellow
CPY36CAT- 789D36 mm Yellow
CPY38CAT- 785C38 mm Yellow
CPY38CAT- 785D38 mm Yellow
CPY44CAT- 777F44 mm Yellow
CPY38CAT- 992G38 mm Yellow
CPY46CAT- 993K46 mm Yellow
CPY36CAT- 980G36 mm Yellow
CPY44CAT- 16M44 mm Yellow
CPY50KOM- HD1500-750 mm Yellow
CPY46KOM- HD785-746 mm Yellow
CPY46KOM- HD465-746 mm Yellow
CPY36KOM- WA90036 mm Yellow
CPY36KOM- WA60036 mm Yellow
CPY36KOM- WA470-636 mm Yellow
CPY36KOM- WA430-636 mm Yellow
CPY47KOM-930E47 mm Yellow
CPY30BELL- B50D30 mm Yellow
CPY50KOM- GD825-250 mm Yellow
CPY41TER- MT440041 mm Yellow

*While we have made every effort to match each vehicle with the correctly sized Checkpoint® Original, we would recommend testing with a sample prior to ordering the full amount. Please contact us for a sample.

  • Checkpoint


    The original and world’s first loose wheel nut indicator.

    Full Details
  • Dustite LR

    Dustite LR

    A combined wheel nut indicator and dust cap specifically designed for wheels with trims and step rings.

    Full Details
  • Dustite


    A checkpoint original combined wheel nut indicator and dust cap designed for wheels without trims and step rings.

    Full Details
  • Checklink


    A dual-purpose wheel nut indicator and retainer.

    Full Details
  • Checklock SQ

    Checklock SQ

    A stainless steel retainer to help reduce the likelihood of nuts loosening.

    Full Details
  • Checkthread


    A kit of stainless steel testers to check the quality and integrity of wheel studs.

    Full Details
  • Checkpoint Short Arrow

    Checkpoint Short Arrow

    A wheel nut movement indicator designed for low loaders that also indicates any overheating of the wheel.

    Full Details
  • Checkpoint Medium Arrow

    Checkpoint Medium Arrow

    A wheel nut movement indicator designed for the North American market that also indicates any overheating of the wheel.

    Full Details
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