About Us

About Us

Checkpoint was founded over 30 years ago by the inventor and CEO Mike Marczynski.

Mike, who at the time led a fleet of commercial vehicles, had an issue concerning loose wheel nuts on one of his vehicles. After doing his research and finding no suitable solution to help prevent the wheel nuts loosening, he started work on the design for what would be the Checkpoint and the world’s first loose nut indicator.

After months of testing, Mike finalised a design which he was happy with and felt suited the requirements of his fleet. The improvement Checkpoint provided to his fleet safety and the time saving it gave to daily checks, filled Mike with confidence that the product had the potential to do the same for other fleets.

Mike’s vision was to provide a product that was simple to implement, whilst providing considerable safety benefits to all road users which with the correct education and marketing approach would eventually lead to the launch of Checkpoint across various fleets worldwide. And so, it was then that the Checkpoint was born, the original and the best.

Over the years a whole range of innovative products followed, all with the common theme of visual safety and preventative maintenance, for a wide range of safety-critical nuts and bolts, not just on vehicles, but across many industry sectors.

Today Checkpoint is an international success with production sites on 4 continents and distribution in over 70 countries. Checkpoint has a dedicated multilingual workforce to not only offer good quality products but sales and marketing support along with great customer service.

The Original and Best

The Original and Best

Checkpoint original was invented. The first ever wheel nut indicator. This intelligent solution ensuring every driver and fleet operator has a simple and immediate way of checking that all the wheel nuts are tight and secure.

Checking the safety of vehicles is a critical role for all drivers and fleet operators. At Checkpoint, we are proud to provide drivers with the confidence in identifying wheel defects immediately.

Safety Evolution

Safety Evolution

We pride ourselves on continuous evolution and expansion of our product range, providing safety solutions to all manner of wheels and industrial equipment across a variety of sectors and businesses.

A growing team of innovators, distributing in over 70 countries, Checkpoint are truly the recognised industry experts.

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