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Checkpoint was founded in 1986 with a vision

Checkpoint was founded in 1986 with a vision to prevent loose wheel nuts and wheel detachment accidents, the company began designing and manufacturing wheel nut indicators that quickly gained recognition for their effectiveness. Over the years, Checkpoint has continuously improved their products, incorporating advanced materials and engineering techniques to enhance durability and reliability. The company's wheel nut indicators and retainers have become widely adopted by automotive professionals and enthusiasts globally, earning a reputation for their accuracy and ease of use. Checkpoint remains dedicated to upholding the highest safety standards, making them a trusted leader in the field of wheel nut indicator and retainer technology. In 2022, MARTINS a household name in the North American tyre equipment industry acquired the UK-based Checkpoint Safety.

MARTINS is a leading manufacturer of tyre equipment and tyre supplies that has been in operation since 2002. Founded by Martin Depelteau, the company has grown from a small operation in Canada, to a global leader in its industry. Today, MARTINS has a presence in over 70 countries and is renowned for its innovative products and exceptional customer service.

In its early years, MARTINS specialised in tyre equipment such as tyre pallets and tyre dollies. The company quickly gained a reputation for high-quality products that were both durable and easy to use. As word spread, MARTINS began to receive orders from all over North America, and the company’s success continued to grow.

After a few years, MARTINS expanded its product line to include tyre equipment and supplies. The company’s tyre pallets were already popular, but MARTINS recognised the need for more efficient and safety solutions. The result was a range of innovative products such as Flatematic series and Tyre Safety Inflation Cages. These products allowed dealerships, garages and tyre warehouses to handle and service tyres in less time, making their operations more efficient and profitable.

Over the years, MARTINS continued to expand its product line to meet the changing needs of the tyre industry. The company introduced tyre handling, tyre inflation and tyre balancing beads, among other products. Each new product was designed with the same attention to quality and innovation that had made MARTINS a success from the beginning.

As MARTINS grew, it also expanded its operations around the world. The company opened branches and warehouses in Australia (2008), the U.S.A. (2012), the U.A.E. (2013), and Europe (2018) allowing it to better serve its global customer base. MARTINS united with well-renowned brands such as Checkpoint Safety (2022) and magnum+ tyre balancing beads (2019) opening its doors to new markets such as the UK. Today, MARTINS has a presence in over 70 countries and continues to expand its reach.

One of the key factors in MARTINS’ success has been its commitment to customer service. The company prides itself on its ability to listen to its customers’ needs and to provide customised solutions that meet those needs. This approach has helped MARTINS build long-lasting relationships with its customers and has been a major factor in the company’s continued growth.

In recent years, MARTINS has also continued to develop new tyre storage solutions, tyre equipment, as well as tyre service and repair tools that are designed to make users’ jobs easier and more profitable.

MARTINS has a long history of innovation and success in the tyre equipment, tyre supply and tyre storage industry. From its humble beginnings in Canada to its current status as a global leader, the company has remained committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. With its ongoing commitment to innovation and its dedication to customer satisfaction, MARTINS is well positioned to continue its growth and success for many years to come.

The Original and Best

The Original and Best

Checkpoint original was invented. The first ever wheel nut indicator. This intelligent solution ensuring every driver and fleet operator has a simple and immediate way of checking that all the wheel nuts are tight and secure.

Checking the safety of vehicles is a critical role for all drivers and fleet operators. At Checkpoint, we are proud to provide drivers with the confidence in identifying wheel defects immediately.

Safety Evolution

Safety Evolution

We pride ourselves on continuous evolution and expansion of our product range, providing safety solutions to all manner of wheels and industrial equipment across a variety of sectors and businesses.

A growing team of innovators, distributing in over 70 countries, Checkpoint are truly the recognised industry experts.

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