The rail network contains thousands of trains passing over millions of miles of tracks across the world at high speeds and under heavy loads. This leads to heavy vibrations and subsequently the loosening of safety-critical nuts.

To tackle these problems Checkpoint have developed various solutions specifically for the rail industry. These products can be used in conjunction with our existing range to offer a complete safety solution.

One of these products is our Checksafe® product, Checksafe is used extensively in the rail industry for use on fishplates, which connect the ends of two rails together. Any loosening of these fishplates could lead to severe issues and so using an easy visual indicator increases safety whilst minimising costs and downtime.

Further rail specific products developed are variations of our Checklock SQ® product which was redesigned for use on the ‘slipper’ connecting the train to the third rail power line. The Checklock SQ® has also been used to retain the nut on the gearbox oil sump plug on various models of train.

Please feel free to contact us if you require specific details of the products and systems that we manufacture for this industry.

  • Checkpoint


    The original and world’s first loose wheel nut indicator.

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  • Dustite LR

    Dustite LR

    A combined wheel nut indicator and dust cap specifically designed for wheels with trims and step rings.

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  • Dustite


    A combined wheel nut indicator and dust cap designed for wheels without trims and step rings.

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  • Checklink


    A dual-purpose wheel nut indicator and retainer.

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  • Checklock SQ

    Checklock SQ

    A stainless steel retainer to help reduce the likelihood of nuts loosening.

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