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Available Options:

Colour available

Fluoro Yellow
Solid Yellow
Olive Grey
Silver Grey
Metallic Grey

Size (stud)

6 stud mini
6 stud
8 stud
10 stud

A low profile single piece retaining ring.

The Squirrel® is an innovative one-piece wheel nut fixing ring designed to provide a retaining function, that is both simple to fit whilst also providing extra safety and support.

This product is most commonly utilised within the agricultural, waste disposal and public transport sectors as these are areas where overhanging hedges, scrap metal or similar items often protrude. This means that vehicles which are utilised in these sectors can greatly benefit from having additional retaining function on their wheel nuts.

The primary function of this product is to be incorporated into standard maintenance procedures to provide extra support to wheel nut fixings to help safeguard against wheel detachments.

As there are no moving parts to this product, it will not get clogged with road dirt and it is designed as a one-piece unit. The product itself is both durable, re-useable and capable of working within a wide range of temperatures. The Squirrel® is resistant to oil, detergents and general road grime. It is also suitable for both front and rear wheels, and is a simple and user-friendly safety device, with the added benefit that no special fitting tools are required for installation.

Key benefits

  • Helps retain all nuts
  • No protruding elements
  • Cost effective and easy to implement

This retainer supports EU wheel specifications only. Currently available in the colour orange. Alternative colours can be created upon request.

Squirrel® provides a clear commitment to health and safety, and roadworthiness to other road users, and road and transportation associations such as: DfT, FORS, DVSA, HSE, FTA and RHA.

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Light weight, impact resistant, engineered high quality nylon.

Operating temperature range

-30°C to +250°C


Mainly for waste disposal vehicles but also for commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and vans.


10 stud, 8 stud and 6 stud for European trucks and buses. 6 stud mini are intended for medium sized vans.



*While we have made every effort to match our product colours on screen, colour reproduction on the Internet is not precise and should not be relied on. Please contact us for a sample.
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