A vibration-proof wheel nut, specifically designed to prevent wheel nut loosening.

The Disc-Lock™ works based on the angle of the cams on the wheel nut being greater than the angle of the thread on the stud.

In order to loosen under vibration, the locking nut would have to rise over the interlocking cams, however this is physically prevented due to the difference in pitch angles. This enables the Disc-Lock™ to prevent wheel nut loosening and help prevent wheel loss on commercial vehicles.

The Disc-Lock™ range is Greenkoted. This hard-wearing coating gives exceptional corrosion resistance and durability. This provides another advantage over standard wheel nuts which can be susceptible to corrosion and lead to further wheel fixing issues.

Directions for use

Disc-Lock™ Wheel nuts are easy to install and can be used as a direct replacement for standard wheel nuts. They are fitted in the same way as a standard wheel nut but require a larger socket size.

For full fitting instruction please click here.

Key benefits

  • Helps Prevent wheel loss
  • Simple to install
  • Improves driver productivity
  • Reduces operating and service costs
  • Coated with Greenkote®

This product can also be combined with a Checkpoint® to provide a more visual appearance and overheating indication.

*The use of the Disc-Lock™ is not guaranteed to prevent wheel loss and still requires an extensive maintenance procedure to be in place.

More information

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The Disc-Lock™ wheel nut is steel - Class 10 and conforms to ISO 898 Part 2


Mainly for commercial vehicles such as trucks, particularly high value/dangerous goods transporters. This is also popular for waste management vehicles and public service vehicles.

Main benefits

Helps prevent wheel loss. Simple to install. Improves driver productivity. Reduces operating and service costs. Coated with Greenkote®.


Nut sizes: M18, M20, M22 and Scania nut sizes.



*While we have made every effort to match our product colours on screen, colour reproduction on the Internet is not precise and should not be relied on. Please contact us for a sample.

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