The railway sector is not immune to problems of loose nuts and over time we have developed products specific to this sector, to help tackle the problem head on. These compliment the existing products and systems that we already have in place for other sectors, allowing us to cover most specific applications.

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Checksafe® are a range of loose nut or bolt movement indicators for applications in the railway and fixed rail industries. Applications include switches, crossings, signals, fishplates and rolling stock bracketing or any nut or bolt fixing that is safety-critical should it loosen undetected. For further details of the Checksafe® system or for any help or advise on specific loose nuts or bolts please get in touch and we will be happy to assist by presenting the Checkpoint® range.

Gallery of Examples

Nut indicators, such as Checkpoint® and Checksafe® can be used for visual checks
Rail-worker fitting Checksafe® indicators on rail track
Checksafe® product applied to rail track plates
Checksafe® helps provide an 'at a glance' clear visual inspection of track fitti
Fluoro Yellow Checksafe® product on a track
Rail fittings can easily become loose or detach due to heavy vibration and weath