Wheel nut indicators and retainers are an important product for the military sector, to ensure smooth transportation of people and goods. Over a number of years Checkpoint Safety have worked closely with the UK (MOD) and foreign military establishments to develop and refine products suitable for this very specific and safety critical sector.
The military sector business has progressed significantly and a number of different products are now available in military specification, including drab olive grey, green, black and silver grey coloured products. In addition, Checkpoint Safety offers a variety of different polymers for the various applications, all of which are fully approved by the UK MOD and NATO with relevant part numbers.
In 2011, following a detailed development programme a new material was added to the range for use in the most demanding of Military applications. This engineering grade polymer is resistant to extremes of temperature, ranging from below -20°C to over 200°C along with being chemically stable against a wide range of materials and fully water resistant.
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Gallery of Examples

Military transport vehicle using specific checkpoint products on the wheel
Checkpoints showing Silver Grey, Drab Olive Grey, Black and Green