Industrial application is a new and exciting area for loose nut intervention and prevention.
Loose nuts occur in almost every application where nuts and bolts are used to fix components and this problem is increased when vibration or other forces act on the components. The utilisation of indicators and retainers shows clearly when nut loosening occurs or act to reduce it from happening in the first place. 
The number of potential applications within industrial sites are therefore diverse and a number of projects are currently underway to introduce the Checkpoint system to Industrial applications. This includes the steelwork supporting the factory building, overhead lifting equipment and large fixed and/or moving machinery.
Large manufacturing machinery with prolonged vibrations during operation can be particularly susceptible to loose nut problems. We have therefore developed indicators to form part of site maintenance procedures helping to make such machinery safer, easier to inspect and reducing both down time and the resources needed for the on-going maintenance.
If you are having a problem with nut and bolt fixation and would like to discuss the specific safety systems or available products please contact us.

Gallery of Examples

Checkpoint SA® on industrial piping
Checkpoint Safety products for large industrial piping
Checkpoint® indicators on a bolted down machinery, point to point
Checkpoint® indicators for use on machinery
Checkpoint® indicators on a large crane
Checkpoint® indicators within warehouses
Dustite® indicators on a large industrial vehicle