Sectors & Applications

Checkpoint Safety products are applicable in many areas, where nuts are critical to safety and structural integrity, particularly if subjected to harsh or testing environments. Below lists a number of sectors that currently use nut indicators and retainers: 


Checkpoint® transport logo

The transport sector is the original and most successful sector of business for Checkpoint Safety products. Loose wheel nuts on commercial vehicles remain a genuine problem for fleet operators and, as a result, shipments of Checkpoint Safety products are delivered globally every day for this sector.


Checkpoint® Mining Logo

Due to the stresses, rough handling and heavy vibration that occurs when equipment/machinery or vehicles negotiate tough mining regions, this sector is a strong area of business. There are a number of solutions available from Checkpoint Safety that have been developed with this sector in mind.


Checkpoint® Industrial Logo

Indicators and retainers for industrial use is a fresh area for application and one that Checkpoint Safety has seen grow in significance. Industrial application for loose nut devices include; steelwork supporting a factory building, overhead lifting equipment and large fixed/moving machinery.


Checkpoint® Rail Logo

Loose nuts and bolts are a problematic area within the rail sector and in some cases have caused severe accidents. Checkpoint Safety offer specific products for the rail sector, such as application for track fixings, switches, crossings, signals, fishplates and rolling stock bracketing.


Checkpoint® agricultrual logo

The agricultural sector is blighted by the problem of loose wheels in exactly the same way as normal road going vehicles, with the additional consideration toward farm based machinery. Checkpoint Safety regularly supply into this market for an arrange of wheel assemblies and applications.


Checkpoint® military logo

Wheel nut indicators and retainers are an important product for the military sector, to ensure smooth transportation of people and goods. There are numerous military organisations around the world that use Checkpoint Safety products routinely to improve efficiency and safety of operations.