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Safewheel™ - Yellow 10-stud product photo
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Safewheel™ in red shown retaining wheel nuts on a commercial vehicle
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The Safewheel™ wheel nut retainer (EU-spec wheel PCD) is a recent addition to the extensive Checkpoint Safety range of wheel nut safety products which comprises separate protective nut caps specially moulded together to form a ring that sits onto a set of wheel nuts on a commercial vehicle to help to protect and retain them. Safewheel™ 'Twin' is like the standard Safewheel™, however it sits on two nuts. 
The Safewheel™ is a wheel nut safety solution that not only incorporates safety functions to improve the integrity of the vehicle, but also provides protection to other road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, from protruding wheel nuts. The product is durable, reusable, simple to use and looks highly professional on fleet vehicles. The product is offered in a range of sizes to cover a wide scope of applications throughout the commercial vehicle sector. 

The primary functions of Safewheel™ are to:

  • Retain wheel nuts within the ring structure to lower the likelihood of them loosening and greatly reduce the likelihood of wheel nuts backing away completely from the wheel hub
  • Protect wheel nuts from weathering, corrosion and road damage through covering each wheel nut with a cap
  • Reduce the ingress of dirt and extraneous matter into the thread of the wheel nut and stud
  • Protect individuals that come within close proximity of the vehicle by covering the wheel nuts
  • Provide a clear commitment to roadworthiness and professionalism to other road users, customers, health and safety, road and transportation associations such as DfT, HMRC Customs and Excise, VOSA, HSE, FTA and RHA

The primary benefits of fitting Safewheel™ are:

 ✓ Improved safety of structurally critical wheel nut fixings on vehicle wheels
 ✓ To help to reducte maintenance time and costs
 ✓ To improve professionalism, roadworthiness and safety of company image and reputation
 ✓ To provide a cost effective solution to improving wheel nut security
 ✓ Product can be re-used many times

Additional information

Safewheel™ is designed to be fitted on wheels without trims/step rings. Where a trim/step ring is fitted to the wheel, Dustite LR® indicators must be used. Safewheel™ is fitted onto wheel nuts once the nuts have been tightened to the manufacturers recommendations using a suitable torque wrench. The Safewheel™ should not be used as a direct replacement for a sound, safe vehicle wheel maintenance schedule, should be fitted in accordance with the product guidelines (available from the downloads tab) and used in combination with a robust wheel safety system of checks.
Manufactured in a robust but lightweight polymer, the material blend produces a product with the correct stiffness and elongation for this application and the material has a vast working temperature range of -40°C to +120°C whilst being UV stable, with a high resistance to salts, grease and other roadside chemicals.
Safewheel™ is for EU-spec wheel PCD, and are sized by the corresponding measurement (in millimetres) across the flats of the hexagonal nut fitting, along with a measurement (also in millimetres) of pitch circle diameter (PCD). Current sizes available* include (in mm):
  • 24mm, 205 PCD  (6-Stud wheel)
  • 24mm, 245 PCD  (6-Stud wheel)
  • 27mm, 205 PCD  (6-Stud wheel)
  • 27mm, 245 PCD  (6-Stud wheel)
  • 30mm, 275 PCD  (8-Stud wheel)
  • 30mm, 335 PCD  (10-Stud wheel)
  • 32mm, 275 PCD  (8-Stud wheel)
  • 32mm, 335 PCD  (10-Stud wheel)
  • 33mm, 275 PCD  (8-Stud wheel)
  • 33mm, 335 PCD  (10-Stud wheel)

If you have any doubts regarding sizing and product availability or specification, please get as much information as possible and then contact us for assistance in establishing the correct Safewheel™ for your application.

* Availability depends on current stock levels, dictated by demand.



The standard* colours for all Safewheel™ sizes are Yellow, Red, Graphite, Orange and Grey however subject to a high minimum order quantity, other colours may be available. Safewheel™ 'Twin' is available in Grey, Yellow, Red and Blue

*Stock levels can vary.

Safewheel™ - Yellow
Safewheel™ - Red
Safewheel™ - Graphite
Safewheel™ - Orange
Safewheel™ - White
Safewheel™ - Grey
Safewheel™ 'Twin' in Grey
Safewheel™ 'Twin' in Yellow
Safewheel™ 'Twin' in Red
Safewheel™ 'Twin' in Blue
Safewheel™ fits onto a set of wheel studs
Safewheel™ in Silver, 10-stud shown fitted to a wheel

Safewheel™ are manufactured in the highest quality virgin polymers and are resistant to moisture/water, road salt, oil, detergents and most other common solvents/contaminants. The material is a robust but lightweight polymer blend that produces a product with the correct rigidity and elongation for this application with a vast working temperature range of -40°C to +120°C whilst being UV stable.