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Rollock® wheel nut locking clamps  are a simple safety solution that when fitted correctly, will help to keep wheel nuts in place reducing the potential of wheel loss and the risk of serious incidents.

Primary Functions: To help secure wheel nuts in place by fitting to adjacent pairs of wheel nuts.
Primary Benefits: Easy  to fit by use of T-Bar style tool and plastic faced lump hammer. NB: ordinary steel lump hammers may damage the  fitting tool. The specially designed fitting tool has a magnetic clamp holder which helps place the Rollock correctly over the pair of wheel nuts and has a depth stop that prevents the Rollock from being hammered in too far. They are easy to remove using conventional tools. They are  made in different sizes and fit most commercial vehicles.
Material: Made from specially coated steel, hardened  for strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. Rollocks are authorised  for single use only.


Sizes: 6 Stud 24-27mm 205 PCD
8 Stud 24-27mm 275 PCD
8 Stud 30-33mm  225 PCD
8 Stud 30-33mm  275 PCD
10 Stud 24-27mm 335 PCD
10 Stud 30-33mm  225 PCD
10 Stud 30-33mm  335 PCD
10 Stud 30-33mm  222.25 PCD
10 Stud 30-33mm  285.75 PCD NB: Corresponding fitting tools are available to match.