A busy month for Road Safety

October was a major month for road safety, being both Tyre Safety Month and Pedestrian Safety Month. And whilst ‘STOP, LOOK and LISTEN’ is more often associated with pedestrian safety, our wheel nut

The world’s first biodegradable wheel nut indicators

30 years ago, Checkpoint CEO and founder Mike Marczynski pioneered the world’s first loose wheel nut indicator, revolutionising the world of road safety. Today, we are continuing to lead the way for

Could a post-Brexit driver shortage spell disaster for UK haulage?

Whilst most of the country is gearing up for lockdown restrictions to be lifted, one industry is struggling to tread water after enduring hit after hit: the UK Transport sector. A combination of

The future is green for UK buses

In recent news, the UK Government has announced plans to roll out a brand new strategy dedicated to making buses throughout the UK greener. Described by Boris Johnson as “the most ambitious shake-up

Has lockdown led to improved road safety?

With fewer reasons to travel during 2020, and a resulting reduction in the number of vehicles on the transport network, you would have expected the roads last year to have been the safest on record.

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