Checkpoint Safety Sponsor Coconut Car Race Team

The Dakar rally has changed route, no longer does it meander across the deserts of the African continent but for the past 4 years the rally has taken on a different challenge by moving to Latin America.
The 2013 event will start on the 5th of January in the city of Lima, Peru with the rally raid making its way down the valleys and mine sites in the south of the country, tackling the Andes and crossing the border into Chile briefly before entering Argentina to face some equally challenging terrain.
After 15 days racing in some of the toughest conditions on the planet, the 2013 edition of the prestigious Dakar ends in the Chilean capital of Santiago on the 20th January.
Here at Checkpoint-Safety, due to the important work we do in this part of the world, in conjunction with the various mining companies we supply in Peru, Argentina and Chile; we know all about the constant stresses and strains the vehicles will be put under and especially the increased danger of wheel detachments. The weight of the vehicles, high speeds and terrain cause the extreme vibrations which make wheel detachments a common occurrence and that is why we decided to donate our Checkpoints, Dustite LRs and Checklinks to the Coconut Car Race Team. Our friend Jon Aston, the teams co-pilot for the Dakar, has kindly been testing the products on his modified Land Rover during several U.K based rallies where his team have been doing very well in promising practice races in preparation for the big event in January.
Now with our products fitted on the teams rally vehicles and service trucks, with simple and periodic visual inspections, Coconut Car Race Team can race with full confidence and without the fear of a wheel detachment causing major time delays and costly damage to their vehicles! The Checkpoint-Safety team wishes them all the best! keep an eye out for them during Dakar or visit the Coconut Car Race Team Facebook page.