The world’s first biodegradable wheel nut indicators

30 years ago, Checkpoint the world’s first loose wheel nut indicator, revolutionising the world of road safety. Today, we are continuing to lead the way for road safety solutions, re-launching our already recyclable Checkpoint products as biodegradable.

What’s caused this change?

Whilst visual safety and preventative maintenance have always been at the core of our business, we have also wanted to be more environmentally friendly for some time. With over 17 million Checkpoint products selling each year globally, we felt that now was the time for that change.

Striving to achieve environmental stability across the countless industries our Checkpoint range is utilised, we have spent the past few years in and out of labs researching, testing and retesting… The result: the Bio-Checkpoint.

What is the Bio-Checkpoint?

Whilst the Checkpoint product formula remains largely the same, we have made one change, the inclusion of a biodegradable additive during the manufacturing process. Though it does not affect the quality of our products or their day-to-day use, it does allow for them to completely biodegrade under the right conditions. This has been tested and verified by ASTM D5511 for enhanced biodegradation in biologically active landfills.

That means your new Bio-Checkpoint products will continue to operate as usual and retain their recyclable capability. The biodegradation process only activates in the event of the product ending up in a biologically active landfill.

We estimate that by the end of 2021, all of the Checkpoint products produced will be the newly innovated biodegradable products, saving the planet from over 200 tonnes of plastic waste each year. We’re absorbing the total cost within the business, so you can enjoy the benefits of going green without paying a penny more!

What products does this affect?

Available across all of our wheel nut indicators and a selection of our retainer solutions, our new Bio-Checkpoint range is still available in any colour and can be personalised to suit your brand. The retainer products included within our Bio-Checkpoint range are the Checklink, Squirrel and Luglock.

For more information on the biodegradable additive, biodegradable plastic we use and the ASTM D5511 verification,contact our team of innovators today.

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