A busy month for Road Safety

October was a major month for road safety, being both Tyre Safety Month and Pedestrian Safety Month. And whilst ‘STOP, LOOK and LISTEN’ is more often associated with pedestrian safety, our wheel nut safety indicators are actually just as essential for the safety of pedestrians as they are for road users.

Pedestrian safety has recently been the subject of discussion after the reported death of Peter Smith who was walking his dog when a livestock trailer being towed, lost a wheel which then slammed into his chest and tragically killed him.

Sadly, this kind of story is seen all too often across roads all over the world, frequently as a result of loose wheel nuts: a common cause for wheel detachments and vehicles losing control. This is something Checkpoint inventor and CEO Mike Marczynski has first-hand experience with.

Before founding Checkpoint, Mike led a fleet of commercial vehicles. During this time, one such vehicle had an issue concerning loose wheel nuts, which almost resulted in an accident. After carrying out some research and finding no suitable solution to help prevent the wheel nuts from loosening, he began work on the design for what would become Checkpoint and the world’s first loose nut indicator.

The first of its kind, the Checkpoint wheel nut indicator has transformed the industry. Offering an easy solution to identify just how safe and well-maintained vehicles are. Every product is available in a range of bright colours and when arranged in a recognisable pattern, such as point to point, any movement of the nut is clearly visible at a glance. Another useful feature seen in select Checkpoint products is the ability to provide an indication of possible faults with brakes or bearings through melting.

Inventors of the wheel nut indicator, we are constantly innovating in order to retain our status as global leaders. Most recently we have achieved a TUV accreditation for our Checklock SQ and launched our Bio-Checkpoint range - the first biodegradable loose nut indicators. Our values remain the same, putting our customers' safety first, protecting both road users and pedestrians, and ensuring all our products remain of the highest quality.

For more information on our intelligent range of safety solutions, visit our products page here. If you’d like to learn more about our Bio-Checkpoint range, try our Bio page here.

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