Celebrating the unsung heroes of haulage

As the government continues to give the green-light for a growing number of industries, let’s not forget the unsung heroes who operated around the clock throughout this pandemic. It is thanks to the many vehicles within the Transport Industry that life in the UK has been able to carry on the way it has. Supermarkets are regularly restocked, hospitals are able to receive vital medical supplies, important packages and letters are delivered, rubbish is routinely collected, petrol stations continue to have fuel and a great deal more.

With more and more vehicles returning to the road, there are some serious concerns about road safety in the coming months. One such concern comes from the government’s decision to offer a six-month extension on all MOT tests due after March 30th. As a result of this decision, we could see an influx in over a million road users in unroadworthy vehicles over the coming weeks.

Whilst certain transport sector vehicles such as lorries, buses and trailers haven’t received as much leniency, the government has still granted a 3-month extension on annual tests from 21 March 2020. This, paired with the fact that these vehicles have been operating non-stop so that the UK can avoid standstill, the safety of these vehicles could be questioned.

During these unprecedented times, we understand that exceptions must be made and leniencies granted. And we trust that fleet operators and drivers are maintaining their vehicles to the best of their abilities. As global leaders in wheel safety, we have designed maintenance products for use as part of a robust maintenance procedure in order to increase safety by minimising the risk of wheel loss. For guidance on the best practice to wheel safety, download our Best Practice Guide for free and browse our Maintenance Products on our website.

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