Keeping essential vehicles on the road

With the COVID-19 outbreak taking the world by storm, we’re sure you’ve felt its impact on your lives in one way or another. But when it comes to road safety, this recent pandemic has only reinforced its importance, especially with the number of essential vehicles required on the roads.

Though there are a great many health service vehicles, crucial for the NHS, which are required on the roads, this is only the tip of the iceberg. It is ultimately thanks to the Transport industry delivering vital goods that allow hospitals to continue treating the sick, supermarkets to be stocked with food and more.

In order for these essential services to continue, Transport sector vehicles are required to be running all hours of the day. This means visual inspections and regular maintenance are of paramount importance in ensuring these vehicles can continue to operate.

During these unprecedented times, our Checkpoint team are operating remotely and safely in accordance with government advice to help put safety in motion for essential vehicles. In doing so, we are providing free shipping on all UK and European orders for the rest of April.

Furthermore, In order to support emergency services, we are offering donations to the teams maintaining their vehicles and those who provide essential supplies to them. For more details on our emergency service donations or free shipping, please get in touch.

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