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Did you hear the good news? We’ve joined the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF), a trade association which aims to promote and secure the future of the Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAA). They exist purely to represent the needs of its members, co-ordinating their shared strengths to promote the IAA as a credible alternative for vehicle service and repair. With a dedicated team of innovators and over 30 years of industry excellence behind us, we look forward to ensuring only genuine safety products are introduced to the industry.

By ensuring we are up to date on all the latest industry developments and legislation, we aim to lend our technical support to fleets and suppliers regarding wheel safety. Thanks to the IAAF’s legal helpline and regular contact with a wide variety of government departments and statutory agencies, we can remain on top of all the latest road safety laws.

Wendy Williamson, IAAF Chief Executive said:
With the ever-changing market requirements, legislation and environmental pressures, having Checkpoint onboard to share their insight into CV safety will be extremely important. Alongside Checkpoint, we will work together as one to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that only the highest quality products are introduced into the aftermarket and that vehicle safety stays at the forefront of the many services provided.”

Road safety continues to be our top priority and we are excited to see what we are able to achieve with the aid of the IAAF in our aim to improve and maintain road safety across the world. Interested in putting safety into motion? Visit our products page today and find the perfect safety solutions for your vehicle or fleet.

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