Are you properly maintaining your wheels?

Road safety has made its way into the headlines again as the government debates introducing new legislation to improve the safety of UK roads. The legislation is the result of a link being found between tyre age and road safety, and would make it illegal for commercial vehicles to use tyres that are over 10-years old.

With road safety and commercial vehicles once again in the spotlight, we wanted to draw attention to the very important topic of wheel loss. Each year, on UK roads, an average of 11,000 road incidents involving wheel defects take place, including 400 wheel detachments. As recognised industry experts, we understand that wheel loss can be caused by…

  • Excess Vibrations
  • Worn/damaged studs
  • Stud hole elongation
  • Incorrect torqueing
  • Inaccurately calibrated torque wrench
  • Incorrect use of air impact tools
  • Inconsistent safety inspections

Global leaders and inventors of the first ever loose wheel nut indicator, we pride ourselves on providing a range of intelligent safety solutions for wheel safety. Alongside world-class products, a catalogue of tutorials, how-to videos and technical data sheets are readily available on our brand new website, to ensure best practice.

With over 30 years of experience in providing wheel safety solutions, you can trust us to put safety into motion. For more information on the full Checkpoint Safety range, the benefits to wheel safety and more, visit our website.

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