Have you got your sunglasses ready this winter?

As the weather progressively worsens and driving conditions become increasingly difficult, it’s key we prepare ourselves as we enter this winter.

With Storm Diana very much on her way to the UK, it’s essential for us to ensure we are ready to overcome the torrential rain and gales that follow.

Here are just a few road safety measures to consider to help with the difficult driving conditions:

  • Check your tyre treads. Though it’s illegal to drive with tyre treads that are too shallow any time of the year, it can also make traversing in wintery conditions incredibly dangerous! Simply place a 20p coin in the main tread, and if the outer band of the coin is obscured, then your tread is above the legal limit.
  • Top up your windscreen washer fluid. Icy roads and road gritting go hand in hand, and nobody likes their windows covered with the grimy road salt either! Top up your washer fluid to guarantee visibility on the roads.
  • Sounds crazy but even a pair of sunglasses can help when dealing with the glare of the low sun.
  • Prepare a winter car kit. It always pays to be prepared. Simply load your vehicle with items like an ice-scraper, blanket, bottled water and shovel. Even a torch can help you go a very long way!

These are just a handful of suggestions to help overcome the weather, every year, winter-time underlines the need for vehicle checks in order to create safer roads. With commercial vehicles drivers one of the more prominent road users, it’s key to ensure everyone takes the needed measures to reduce the likelihood of road accidents.

At Checkpoint, our range of intelligent safety solutions can help to improve the visibility of safety critical issues and even reduce the severity of some! Learn more here.

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