Tyre Safety Month - Driving safe this October.

TyreSafe marks this October as 2018’s Tyre Safety Month, raising awareness to the importance of tyre checks in reducing tyre-related incidents on Britain’s roads. The need for this year's Tyre Safety Month stems from research carried out by the TyreSafe team during the Summer of 2018. The results revealed the summer months as the most likely for Britain’s motorists to be involved in tyre-related accidents.

Regardless of the often-miserable weather we endure on the roads between October through to March, the Month of July sees the most tyre-related incidents. There are a handful of reasons for this which TyreSafe has outlined, all of which avoidable with apt tyre care. One factor is due to the moody nature of the British Summer can often catch drivers out, causing unpreparedness for a variety of road conditions. Also, with the 6% rise in traffic during Britain’s summer period, there is an increase in the number of less-experienced drivers on the road who are not wholly-prepared for long-distance travelling.

With this, TyreSafe encourages semi-regular tyre checks that are essential to reducing the number of tyre-related incidents and improving road safety. As global leaders in wheel safety and inventors of the wheel nut indicator, we pride ourselves on the intelligent safety solutions we offer. Our Checkpoint Safety products provide drivers with a visual indication of movement and overheating, supporting them in fleet safety checks. For more on our Checkpoint Safety products, click here.

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