About Checkpoint Safety

In The Beginning

The Checkpoint® loose wheel nut indicator was the creation of the Checkpoint® Managing Director Mike Marczynski, who had background that included responsibility to manage a small fleet of commercial vehicles. One of the vehicles suffered a problem with the wheel fixation due to loose nuts that almost resulted in the wheel detaching itself from the vehicle.

Mike identified a need in the commercial vehicle market for a device to help prevent wheel nuts loosening, leading to possible wheel loss and subsequent vehicle damage or worse still, loss of life through accidents. The first loose wheel nut indicator, Checkpoint®, was invented.

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Product Expansion

Dustite® image on nutThe Checkpoint® was initially complimented with the addition of Dustite® and Dustite LR®, that combined the function of a wheel nut indicator with a dust cap to offer the same benefit of the nut loosening indication of Checkpoint®, with the additional protection from corrosion to the stud/nuts.

Overheating in the wheels due to issues with the brakes and/or bearings is a common and well known problem facing vehicle operators. To overcome this problem and to improve safety of vehicles using the products, Mike incorporated an overheating indication into the product functionality through the use of very specific polymers that would deform and melt at unacceptable or dangerous temperatures. This additional functionality of Checkpoint Safety products has been widely accepted and used throughout our worldwide customer base to great success.


Continual Development

Checklock SQ® The invention of the Checklink® several years ago introduced a product that incorporates not only an indicator function, but also the added safety of a nut retention function. The Checklink®, similar to the other indicators in the range of products, will provide a clear visual indication if the nut has loosened, but has been developed to also hold the nut and prevent it from spinning off completely. The overheating indication is incorporated into the Checklink® as standard.

Over time it became clear that the market needed a product that held the nut in a more retaining function. Numerous retainers were tested and the wheel nut retainer products offered currently within the Checkpoint® range are proven to be the best on the market.

Global Distribution Network 

Checkpoint Safety has opened up markets across the globe in partnership with international distributors and continues to strive on improving the safety, professionalism and roadworthiness of vehicles throughout Europe, North America, South America, Australasia, Africa and beyond. For more information about our products, services or distributors please contact us.