Product update - Checklock SQ® sees continuing expansion

Loose Checklock SQ® before packaging

The development of the new Checklock SQ® happened throughout the course of 2011 and the new product was launched by Checkpoint Safety at the end of the year. Since then and throughout 2012, the demand for the Checklock SQ® has been remarkable both in the UK and abroad with sales have increasing at an impressive pace. New sizes were requested and as a result the range has been expanded considerably, to now include products suitable for the traditional HGV market, small trailers, low loader trailers and the North American wheel assemblies.

In 2012 the Checklock SQ® range will be further expanded to include variants suitable for the Van and 4x4 market as well as bespoke products for the industrial sector. Production capacity in the existing site has been increased and a secondary production site has now been appointed to double the production capacity, increase the stock holding and generally reduce the lead times. We are working hard to continue to offer the best possible service to our customers and adapt to the ever increasing demand. 

Here are some recent publications (PDF files) featuring the Checklock SQ®:

Checklock SQ® features in the Transport Operator in May 2012 edition




Checklock SQ® features in the Commercial Vehicle Workshop June 2012 edition




Checklock SQ® features in the Transport Engineer July 2012 edition